Asylums are undeniably one of the best things to come out of Southend. With their huge rocked up sound and outrageous live performances, these guys are a band for the modern age.

Their new album Alien Human Emotions is the follow up to their widely acclaimed debut Killer Brain Waves. Some may say it’s their “difficult second album”, but is that really going to be the case with Asylums?

Just like their first album, Asylums have piled in plenty of killer hooks and fuzzy guitars that crash through whatever they are being played out of. It dives into themes of bitter sex and soured relationships as well as the bleak atmosphere of the current social and political landscape.

The opening track Day Release To The Moon sets the tone for the album, it’s both familiar yet slightly more experimental. The album quickly thunders into the much loved single When We Wake Up, a fast paced track with a commercial edge. The title track Alien Human Emotions and Homeowners Guilt are massively impacting songs with smooth melodies that are to die for.

There’s more of sorrow side with Millennials. Offering something different, it’s a mid-tempo track and voices the sound of the modern age. Napalm Bubblegum is lightning fast and full of weird and wonderful sounds that you would expect from the band. We hear frontman Luke Branch literally screaming in this one, resulting in a wonderful punk rock sounding mess.

The last two tracks are a lot more settled and mellow for a band that is usually at the forefront of noisy rock. Sexual Automation features acoustic instruments and a distant, atmospheric sound. There is a huge chorus that kicks in but overall it’s quite a contrast to the rest of the album. The Company You Keep is a serious heart wrenching number that draws the album to a close. It’s a big step back from the high energy thrills throughout but is the perfect ending to a storming album.

Asylums have found a way to shred out their loud rock music while sharing some very empowering moments. There’s nothing difficult about their second album release at all, in fact it’s going to be one of the soundtracks of 2018 and is the voice of a generation.

Listen to Alien Human Emotions below and be sure to keep up to date with Asylums here.