LENN is a pop artist with a difference and Cheap Talk is the follow up to her first single. Accompanied by a masterpiece of a lyric video, the track dives into the depths of a broken relationship and is a personal two fingers up to an ex boyfriend from her point of you.

Cheap Talk is full of electro-pop elements that create a wonderful, yet serious sounding atmospheric track. Commercial in its own right, LENN’s new single has plenty of fiery lyrics and in her own words has said “Writing this song was therapy for me. I suppose I had a build-up of feelings that I didn’t know what to do with, but after a good vent, ‘Cheap Talk’ was formed….and now I’m over it [laughs].”

The “masterpiece of a lyric video” really is extremely good. It’s made up of hundreds of photos and put together in Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro. LENN says that it took what seemed like millions of hours to create and it’s definitely well worth a watch.

You can view this whole single project as a huge burst of creative frustration and LENN has gone the extra mile to get everything out that she needed to. With various versions to be unveiled very soon, including remixes coming from HANNIE and MUNE, Cheap Talk is definitely the next step for the Bristol artist.

Watch the video for Cheap Talk and be sure to keep up to date with LENN here.