Southend rockers Asylums made their way up to Rough Trade East in London yesterday (19/07/2018) and what a gig it was. Hitting the stage at 7pm for 45 minutes, the band blasted out tracks from their new album Alien Human Emotions.

Kicking off their show just like the record, Day Release To The Moon created the perfect atmosphere inside one of London’s most iconic record shops. The guys took it up a notch from there with tracks like When We Wake Up and Bottle Bank being some of the most powerful moments.

Some of the highlights included the title track of the new album Alien Human Emotions as well as past favourite Joy In A Small Wage, which was one of the classics from their first album. For a band that constantly turn it up to 10, Asylums went all soft on us with The Company You Keep, which was labelled as the lowest Asylums go with their noise level.

One of their latest singles Millennials was extremely strong and offered something a bit more mid tempo in comparison to the majority of their set. Asylums constantly turn it up and down with their performances going above and beyond with Napalm Bubblegum, which was the most thrilling of their set. The band ended with more energy than you could imagine with frontman Luke Branch ordering the crowd to step forward so he crowd surf in his usual fashion.

Asylums are a must see band if you like any form of rock music and they are definitely one of the finest acts to storm out of Essex. Listen to their album below, get down to a gig to experience the full thrills and be sure to keep up to date with them here.

 Photo by Siobhan O’Driscoll at 16 Beasley St Photography.