Rising artist/producer Seaker (aka Kiran Hungin) has unveiled her latest single and it’s the next enchanting chapter of what’s to be released over the coming months. Entitled Dreaming, this is the follow up to her atmospheric pop track Words we shared a couple of months ago.

Prior to the release of all of this exciting music, the London artist spent time in the English countryside with the hope that peace and quiet would inspire her new material. Kiran aspires to create a soothing space with her music and it overwhelmingly does just that.

Drenched with atmosphere, eerie sounds and mystical elements, Dreaming strives into full form very quickly. Kiran’s vocals are simply sublime. Backed with harmonies, echoes and plenty of reverb, her voice will entice you in with ease. Completed by drums pounding like soldiers on a march, Dreaming is a track to truly indulge and get lost in.

“Dreaming is a song about waking up to something that was there all along. We can all find ourselves stuck. Frozen in an emotion or triggered by something that takes us back to a rawness of the past. If we can get there, the realisation is that when we start to thaw that feeling out through acceptance, we can fuel a brand new journey, which is so powerful.”

Recorded at her home studio in North London and Pink Bird Studios in Wanstead, Kiran worked with Rick David to produce the single. We’re intrigued and excited to hear what’s coming next from the upcoming Seaker releases and you should be too.

Listen to Dreaming below and be sure to keep up to date with Seaker here.