Rising artist LENN has returned with three remixes of her single Cheap Talk. We featured the Bristol based artist last month and were drawn in instantly. Along with her distinctive vocal charm, the instrumentation was highly original and the music video even better.

The remixes come in all shapes and sizes, starting with a radio mix created by LENN’s collaborator, Lex. It’s a hard hitting version of the original track and is something you’ll want to put on repeat on a Friday night if you’re in a fiery mood.

The second remix is by HANNIE and offers plenty of high tempo funk-pop. It’s full of guitar licks that will give you that feelgood feeling and even though the song has such a deep meaning, it has been transformed into something that sounds extremely happy.

The final remix comes from Indian producer MÜNE. With an uplifting, atmospheric sound, this chill-house style remix complements LENN’s soothing voice amazingly well. With stunning electronic tones and mellow beats, it completes the set in the very best way. This one is perfect for that evening commute or when you just want to sit back and forget everything around you late at night.

These remixes offer plenty of fury, Friday funk as well as a chance to wind down. It’s great to see up and coming artists working with producers to release remixes to give listeners that different edge on their work.

We’re looking forward to seeing what LENN does next but in the meantime, listen to the remixes below and be sure to keep up to date with her music here.