Liverpool has long been one of the music cities of the UK and rising bands like SPINN have been forging their path ever since day one.

The indie-pop four-piece have released various singles, toured the UK and appeared at some of the finest festivals around over the last 12 months and their latest video for Shallow is already gaining plenty of love. It’s a case of less is more with this one and even though it only cost £30 to make, it’s one of their best yet.

Much like their previous single, Shallow shows a slightly different approach to their songwriting. It’s still full of their original dreamy, jangle-pop sound though and it has a chorus that will be glued into your mind for days.

SPINN explain more about Shallow and the different sides to their songwriting:

“This song was written in about 20 minutes – 10 minutes on music and 10 minutes on lyrics – it’s not really about anything. We just wrote a proper poppy tune and called it shallow because that’s what it is. “

“I think there’s two sides to SPINN, there’s the meaningful pop crooners and then there’s the outright sugar coated Mersey-Wave indie guitar pop side. We’re like a coin with adorably floppy hair.”

SPINN continue to melt hearts and blast out their indie-pop goodness far and wide. They hit the road next month for a UK headline tour but in the meantime, turn up the volume and watch the music video for Shallow.