To accompany the release of her debut EP Unfold, rising artist Austel has released a dreamy, hypnotic video for Hours.

The music video is a canvas for her personal photographs. It’s a wash of landscapes and mesmeric imagery that transverse the industrial and natural surroundings that have affected the writing process of the song. All of this is wonderfully animated using visual algorithms created by collaborator Adam Stark.

Hours explores the highs and lows of self-identity in the modern world, learning to make peace with yourself and find light within the darkness.”

Both the video and the song itself have an incredible ambience that gradually builds throughout. Haunting vocals complement the soft piano melodies and atmospheric elements fulfill the chorus towards the end. Hours is a song that has been captured perfectly and the video will entice you in even further.

Produced in Stark’s South London studio, Austel has released a stunning debut EP and Hours is just one of the highlights. Keep up to date with Austel here.