Southend-on-Sea has a music scene that is very much alive right now and there are plenty of rising artists that we urge you to listen to. Emily Frith is one of them and she is back with a new sound to go with her shiny new single Better.

Best known for her catchy country-pop songwriting, Emily Frith entered the SS2 recording studio in Southend with an open mind for this release and it’s without a doubt her best work to date. We’re not just saying that either, it really is something different and a giant leap forward for her music.

Better is built on pure emotion with plenty of drive to lead the way. Kicking things off is a warming piano that is accompanied by Emily’s soothing vocals and a distinctive drum beat. The track really comes to life in the chorus with plenty of atmospheric charm and wonderful electric guitars. Overall, Better is an empowering upbeat pop song that grabs your attention with ease and refuses to let it go.

Speaking with Emily, she explains more about her latest release:

“I think the best thing about this single is that I walked into the studio with a very personal, emotional song I’d written about my past with bullying and Rees Broomfield and Davey Hal helped me turn it into a really upbeat, fun pop song.

I just hope that anybody who’s going through tough times can listen to this song and hopefully feel a lot more positive about the situation they may be in. Because that’s what the song is about; realising that going through bad times enables you to become a stronger and therefore ‘better’ person.”

Emily Frith has plenty of things planned for the coming months so be sure to keep up to date with all of that right here. Listen to Better below on Apple Music or follow the link here.