Adam Duffill has been gaining attention all over Essex for quite some time with his upbeat rock and his latest release turns everything up a notch. It’s called Bright Blue Eyes and if you’re a fan of American bands such as the Goo Goo Dolls, you should definitely read on.

Bright Blue Eyes is Adam Duffill all over. Fueled by huge guitars and Duffill’s impressive vocal range, this distinctive single has everything a good commercial rock song should have. The powerful, anthemic chorus stands out in the best way possible and will draw you in with ease.

Produced to the highest standard, Bright Blue Eyes echoes through your ears effortlessly. Adam Duffill is best known for his vocal tone and there’s plenty to love about that in this track. The other thing that stands out about Duffill is his high energy performances and that shines strong in this recording.

Bright Blue Eyes is an emotionally packed, rocked up track that you won’t forget anytime soon. Be sure to keep up to date with Adam Duffill here and listen to the new single below.