Leonie Sherif has released her brand new EP entitled Nocturnal Wave and it’s an exhilarating collection of soundscapes.

The release marks the follow up to her previously released singles Exclusivity and Telepathy. The EP features six highly original tracks that are full of ambience and will gradually draw you in.

Leonie Sherif does things differently when it comes to her music, with the production diving well into the experimental zones of electronica. That being said, there’s definitely a strong commercial element to each of the songs on Nocturnal Wave. Layered with wonderful textures, dark synths and endless effects that complement her powerful voice more than perfectly, the EP is strong and one that you’ll be able to get lost in with ease.

Taking influence from the likes of Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey and Madonna, Leonie Sherif has a unique sound with an impressive pop edge. She was recently nominated for Best Electronic act at the Unsigned Music Awards and it’s easy to see why. Nocturnal Wave is bound to build upon that success and open many doors along the way.

Listen to Nocturnal Wave below on Spotify and be sure to keep up to date with Leonie Sherif here.