Every so often something comes our way from an incredibly intriguing place. The Sea Atlas (aka Calum Buchanan) is an artist that is full of originality and a sound that you just have to soak up. The way he makes his music is something else though.

He has just launched the music video for his latest single and title track of his upcoming EP, Goodbye. It’s an ambient blend of guitars with a delicate simplicity that works perfectly. Heartfelt, honest and endlessly dreamy, Goodbye is a track that demands your attention without slapping you in the face.

The Sea Atlas is quite a fitting a name for someone who is hidden away up in the North Atlantic on an island called Outer Hebrides. Located on the North West coast of Scotland, Calum kippers boats up and down, working the land on his croft. It’s when the storms come and the waves crash that he writes music. The recording process takes place when he is locked away in a cabin on the shores of a sealoch, utilizing the energy from the atmosphere around him to influence his wonderfully haunting music.

The music video is the perfect accompaniment to the single. It has a somewhat psychedelic approach that captures the texture of the track in a very unique way.

The Sea Atlas will release the Goodbye EP on the 4th October and the title track is a very strong introduction to an artist that is waiting to be discovered.

Watch the music video for Goodbye below and be sure to keep up to date with The Sea Atlas here.