Seaker returns with her own brand of ambient dark-pop in the form of Fireworks, a brand new single. It’s accompanied by an eye opening music video which is our pick for the week.

“Fireworks is an introspective and moody piece, born from the emotional spillover of talking to a friend and the hangover of feelings we often carry within us.” – Seaker.

The new single is built upon outstanding production. Drenched in atmosphere and packed with dramatic moments, Seaker is an artist that knows how to pull her listeners in. Aside from its serious underlying message, Fireworks highlights Seaker’s empowering voice in all of its glory.

Fireworks was written and self-produced by Seaker, with sound effects coming from Dom Gentry/Attaque and the final mix from Rick David. I think it’s extremely important for an artist to shape how their music should sound when it’s this personal and you can really notice that with Fireworks.

Seaker also put the music video together, taking stock videos to fit into place with the single. She explains how in-depth this became below:

“I was looking online at stock footage as I had some visual snapshots in my head for a video

and wanted to explore some ideas. It really made me feel the power of human connectivity and how emotions and visual cues transcend speaking to or even knowing the person. I decided to try and pull together a narrative made up entirely from free stock footage clips from the internet. I played the track on loop and tried to match these unknown faces and experiences to

moments within and the general motive behind the song.”

Having followed Seaker’s music this year, we are always intrigued for the next release. Fireworks is the next chapter and it’s ready for you to fall into. Watch the music video below and be sure to follow her online here.