There are some places in the UK that are best known for certain things, Southend-on-Sea for example (where we’re based) is famous for having the world’s longest pleasure pier. Manchester, however, is rather well known for producing some of the best musicians of all time and there is still plenty of fantastic music coming out of the city.

Space Babe are a brand new band from Manchester and it’s a name that strikes you straight away. Maybe you don’t know what to think of it, but it’s bound to intrigue you enough to dive in and have a listen to their music. They base themselves firmly in the pop genre but incorporate soul into their music.

Their latest single Goodbye To Love is a collaboration with Nicole Battick. It’s a strong commercial track that is well crafted, excellently produced and full of originality. The instrumentation is kept simple but is effortlessly smooth. Battick’s voice is at the forefront of the track and is definitely the highlight.

Zak Lyons, part of Space Babe and co-writer for the new single, explains more about the song below:

“Writing Goodbye To Love was a way for myself and Nicole to comprehend the ending of past relationships and realize that moving on from someone, does not signify the end of all the love you could ever receive.”

Nicole Battick explains the track from her point of you below:

“The lyric, “Feels Like I’m Saying Goodbye To Love, But I’m Just Saying Goodbye To You” is the centre of the song. After a relationship it is very hard to remember that you will give and receive great love again.”

Space Babe are currently recording their debut EP entitled Episode In Syndication and will be keeping active on the Manchester music scene over the coming months. Be sure to keep up to date with Space Babe online here and Nicole Battick here.

Listen to Goodbye To Love below: