The Trusted return with their high energy rocked up sound in the form of a new single entitled Cigarettes and Chandeliers. The Southend four-piece have had a massively successful year, from headlining shows across Essex and London to playing summer festivals all over.

Cigarettes and Chandeliers is the follow up to No Real Control, their previous single that forged the path for them to start reaching the next level. If you have listened to The Trusted before, this single will be exactly what you want to hear; if you’re yet to dive into their music, this is one hell of an introduction.

Fueled by roaring electric guitars, thundering drums and plenty of swagger, Cigarettes and Chandeliers will engage you as soon as you hit play. It’s a track about individuals craving power, being full of themselves and loving the sound of their own voice.

Tom Cunningham, frontman of The Trusted, expands further on this below:

“Everyone knows at least one person who loves to walk into a room and take control. A bit like Trump. Me, me, me. We tried to capture that egoism in the music too, by adding a sense of bravado to the guitars. ‘Cigarettes and Chandeliers’ is a lyrical observation. It’s a study, if you like, of the darker side of vanity.”

Speaking of taking control, Cunningham’s vocals do just that in this release, whilst also showing a slightly darker, more intense side. Cigarettes and Chandeliers on the whole is an explosive three and a half minutes of action packed rock that screams a message that is extremely relevant for the times that we are currently living in.

The Trusted are constantly pushing the boundaries of their songwriting and performances to reach that next level. Even though they are all still in their early twenties, the band have always had a huge sense of maturity and that’s clearer than ever with this new single.

We can’t wait to see these guys grow even further and if you haven’t given their music a chance yet, be sure to do so below with Cigarettes and Chandeliers – you will not be disappointed.