Bertie Scott is a favourite of ours here at Art Will Fall and he has just released Feel Alive, a brand new single. It’s the first of many new tracks on the way and this one has been co-written with Jack Cooper and Robert Gulston of Holloway Road.

Feel Alive explores the depths of alt-pop, leaning towards synth pads and electronic sounds. It marks a transition in genre for Bertie Scott, but this highly modern sound suits his powerful voice extremely well. The production is dramatic, impressive and atmospheric but holds a strong commercial value. With the chorus providing most of the drive and energy, Feel Alive has well and truly been “brought to life” – so much that you’ll be sitting impatiently for his next release.

So what’s the new single all about? Well, Bertie Scott explains in greater detail below but there’s a huge clue in the title:

“The song, as the name suggests, is about feeling alive, that buzz you get from life, like a splash of cold water in the morning. These days a lot of the time we’re so programmed into doing the same thing 9-5, settling down, watching TV in the evenings, same thing day in day out – it becomes a bit stale. Sometimes you just wanna get that buzz, to really feel something.”

From the moment he was thinking up the chorus driving in his car, Bertie Scott knew that Feel Alive had to have a studio finish and be released into the world. With a growing Essex following and a classy new sound, this single is the next chapter and we can’t wait for more.

Listen to Feel Alive below and be sure to follow Bertie Scott online here.