You just don’t hear the saxophone anymore. The jazz instrument has long since been abandoned by modern music, only making fleeting appearances. Yasmin Natasha though is bringing it back with style!

New single Creases is the ideal introduction to the singer-songwriter/saxophonist from Dorset. A bright and uplifting slice of pure pop which combines her undeniable talent on the Saxophone with her ear for a joyful melody. There’s a carefree catchiness to the track which just transports your mind away to a tropical beach far away and eases your worries.

Yasmin herself sums up the track’s influences in a similar manner;

I have lived a kooky and perhaps untraditional life full of high times and low times, just like the ocean. I have gathered these memories together and packaged them up as ‘Creases’; hoping to encourage positivity and fun-living to others – no dramas“.

The accompanying music video portrays this fantasy perfectly as we follow Yasmin through a selection of idyllic locations on a bright, sunny day. When combined with her light, smooth vocals and stunning saxophone solo, you can’t help but feel right there with her.

Watch the music video for Creases below and be sure to keep up to date with Yasmin here.