Melanie Baker is an extremely exciting new artist that recently came to our attention and we were thrilled to dive in with some questions about her as well as her debut EP. Enjoy our Q&A with Melanie below and be sure check out her music online afterwards.

  • The EP is called Dreamer and you’re up in the clouds on the cover, can you tell us the story behind this? We would love to know!

If I had to choose one word that describes me perfectly it would definitely be dreamer. I’ve always lived life with my head in the clouds and you can ask anyone who knows me – I’m constantly daydreaming! It seemed very fitting to name the record after the final song on the EP because it’s a song about not giving up on something you are passionate about which is something I always want to remind myself and others of.

  • We discovered your music through Peter Waterman, how did he help to shape these songs in the studio?

When I started working with Peter I came to him with so many different production ideas – I wanted the songs to sound big and powerful filled with different instruments and percussion. Peter held me back (which I am very thankful for now) and suggested we recorded the songs live and more stripped back. We discussed what the songs were about, what inspired them, how I felt when I wrote them and that’s when I realised these songs were filled with emotive lyrics and the only way to portray that was through the vulnerability of recording live. It was a daunting experience to begin with but it was definitely the right decision for my debut EP and I will never forget what a special recording process it was to work with Peter, recording songs in my Mum’s living room in the Lake District.

  • How inspirational is it to be a musician based up in the stunning scenery of the Lake District and how does it compare to writing music in a built up city?

When I was a kid I used to dream of moving to a city, I always thought I would move away as soon as I turned 18 but that’s when I began to appreciate living in the countryside. Life is a lot slower up here and I think that allows me to dedicate a lot of time to writing whereas when I’m in the city, I notice I feel a lot more pressure to be constantly doing something and keeping busy like everyone around me and therefore less time to write music.

  • Talking of cities, we heard that you visited music city itself prior to the EP. Did your Nashville trip have an influence on your music?

Yes! Nashville was so incredible, literally everyone over there lives and breathes music. I was surrounded by musicians and songwriters who simply wanted to write great songs and make music, which is exactly what I wanted to do too! I worked alongside a lot of country and americana artists, which meant I was writing stuff a bit different to my usual style, and although I don’t plan on becoming a country artist anytime soon, I think the experience was really beneficial for me in learning that genre doesn’t really matter, it’s the story you want to tell that’s important.

  • The EP highlights various personal experiences through your teenage years, do you have a favourite line or favourite song out of the five?

I think Homesick definitely is my favourite in terms of lyrics, probably because it’s the newest song on the record. It’s a song dedicated to my Mum because leaving home for the first time was the biggest milestone for me this year. My favourite lyric is in the bridge “I guess it’s all I ever wanted, to see the world for you. I guess it’s all I ever dreamed of but now I’m gone I dream for you.” My Mum has always told me to chase my dreams, she’s always been there for me and I will always be so grateful for everything she has done for me.

  • Songwriters all have their own approach to writing, are you a lyrics or music first kind of writer?

I always write the music and lyrics simultaneously. I usually start playing some chords on my keyboard or guitar and then the lyrics and melody follow pretty naturally. Sometimes I’ll have some lyric ideas written down on my phone or a notebook that inspire a song but for me the lyrics and melody have to be paired perfectly and the only way I can do that is to write them together. It’s worked pretty well so far!

  • If you could write a song with anyone and perform it anywhere in the world, who would you choose and where would you go?

I mean, it would have to be Joni Mitchell because she’s one of my idols…If I could, I would invent a time machine solely to travel back 50 years to write one legendary song with her and simply perform it in her Laurel Canyon House.

  • Now, the big one – what are you most excited for in the next 12 months and what can we all expect from you next?

Honestly, the next few months I am dedicating to writing a lot of new songs which I think will be my best yet so I’ll definitely be releasing new music next year. After that, I will be playing a lot more shows around the UK. I think 2019 is going to be a very exciting year and I can’t wait!

We absolutely can’t WAIT to hear more from Melanie and we’re hoping that she will be down in London or even Essex to play a show soon. In the meantime, listen to Dreamer below on Spotify and be sure to follow Melanie online here.