Pop is all around us – in the charts, on the radio and worked into almost every style of music we can all think of. We promote music of all kinds here at Art Will Fall but we don’t actually get that many straight up “pop” tracks sent into us – there’s usually a hint of something else that takes the focus away from the commercial elements.

One More Song is the latest single from iTunes top 10 charting singer/songwriter, David Coslett and yes you guessed correctly, it’s a straight up, modern pop song. With a simple yet characterful production, this single is something that you can imagine being played anywhere.

It’s warming in a way that a pop song should be, immensely catchy and is based heavily around an electronic structure. With Coslett’s vocals leading the way, his expressive tone becomes increasingly likable throughout and even though his voice isn’t exactly powerful, it’s the perfect accompaniment for this chilled out pop single.

One More Song is also the soundtrack to the official music video which highlights the message behind the track. Switching between footage of that one night Coslett’s singing about as well as performing, the video has been captured in an uplifting way that does the track plenty of justice.

David Coslett has received plenty of attention from the likes of BBC Introducing and embarked on a UK tour last year. One More Song marks the continuation of David’s growing success and is setting things up nicely for another UK tour next year.

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