Rhian Sheehan is known all over the globe as a musician and composer. He was recently brought to our attention and his new album A Quiet Divide is absolutely mesmerising.

Sheehan doesn’t fall into a genre that we tend to focus on, he mixes modern soundscapes with classical and orchestral elements. It is so easy to indulge and get lost in – any of these tracks could be placed into any film score and have a monumental impact in someway or another.

A Quiet Divide is dramatic, on a big scale. It weaves in and out of empowering string sections, mellow piano parts and magical melodies. Every moment is different and if you listen closely, you begin to realise how effective this style of music can be.

Sheehan is based in New Zealand and A Quiet Divide was recorded in some of the finest spaces in the country. From his own home studio to Roundhead Studios, Surgery Studios as well as a 16-piece section also recorded at Wellington’s Stella Maris Chapel, conducted by Hamish McKeich (New Zealand Symphony Orchestra). It goes without saying that the production throughout the record is on another level.

The two lead singles, Soma Dreams and The Absence Of You, are definitely highlights. They are both very different with Soma Dreams focusing on soundscapes and modern instrumentation, something Sheehan is very well known for, whereas The Absence Of You is full of warming strings that grow throughout. Overall, the album blends together wonderfully and the thirteen tracks in total will hit you in a different way each time you listen to them.

For me, A Quiet Divide is perfect for finding inspiration. It’s music for concentration and diving deep into your thoughts. As much as I love indie, rock, punk, folk, country, pop and everything in between that we feature here at Art Will Fall, I do have a very open mind when it comes to music. A Quiet Divide is definitely one of the stand out albums for me this year and as much as there is a time and place for this style of music, I will find myself diving into this one a lot.

Listen to the full album on Spotify below. Be sure to follow Rhian Sheehan online here.