South London based multi-instrumentalist and producer h. eldritch has unveiled an eerie, stripped back version of his track Building a Wall and it falls on Halloween.

The music video is set in the dark of the night where we see eldritch on his new knees performing the track surrounded by 30 carved pumpkins illuminated by candles inside. This stripped back version is based around a raw electric guitar, his voice and nothing more. It has a haunting emptiness about it that will draw you in but keep you on edge. Eldritch elaborates more on the video below:

“My friend Phil and I just had the idea last week that we wanted to make something visually striking but had some subtle humour and comedy to it. I love the quirkiness and awkwardness of small horror films from the 70s and the like, that to modern audiences can seem quite quaint. I wanted to try and emulate some of that style, and we just couldn’t keep straight faces all the time.”

Lyrically, eldritch likes to keep things mysterious and never gives too much away – he says it can often ruin the point when it comes to his music. That being said, eldritch has given us a sneak peak into his creative mind and briefly dives into what Building a Wall is about below:

“The song is about not knowing how to help someone in great emotional pain – do you try and shield them the demons that haunt them or try to help them confront them?”

It’s clear that h. eldritch has a thing for all things spooky but you must be wondering where he gets that name though, right? Well, eldritch is an old English word for ‘creepy’ so it makes perfect sense to unveil something for the occasion and the video for Building a Wall does just that.

Watch the music video and try not to get too spooked out. If you dare to do so, you can follow h. eldritch online here.