SOVE is a brand new artist on our radar and with her modern pop sound, she’s bound to grab people’s attention. Her new EP In The Cold showcases five new tracks that are all different in their own ways but have one thing in common, SOVE’s dark and distinctive vocals.

The title track In The Cold opens the EP and immediately sets the tone. With its dark-pop elements and electronic sounds filling the background, SOVE’s vocals cut through with ease and are captivating throughout the whole release.

Not Scared To Love and Secrets in the Dark are two very different tracks, with the first being more of an mid to upbeat modern-pop song and the other focusing heavily on the dark, mysterious sounds that we were introduced to earlier. Secrets in the Dark also offers an eerie ambience with distant backing vocals – it’s definitely one of the highlights on the EP.

Floating gives the EP more of an airy quality and comes across a little less dark in comparison to Secrets in the Dark but doesn’t stray too far away from the rest of the EP. It leads nicely into the closing song Makes Me Go, which combines everything from the release into a strong finale. One thing is for sure, if you love this style of music you’ll be wanting to hear more.

SOVE dives in and tells us more about the release below:

“I am so proud of this EP – I believe it showcases my versatility as an artist and my love of writing. I wanted to release a body of work that explores all the different sides of me, giving the audience a “REAL” experience from start to finish. This EP represents the very difficult, eventful year I have had and the fact that I can grow and achieve the things I never thought possible despite this. I’ve spent the last few months in a converted garage with my younger brother S BNJMN creating these tracks (plus many more that I can’t wait for you to hear) completely from scratch – writing producing and mixing it all ourselves. It feels amazing to finally be able to share what we have worked so hard on.”

The standout element of these well-produced songs are SOVE’s vocals. She has an effortless style that gives this EP an edge, it may not be a straight up pop release but I think that’s a good thing. I would be interested to see how the tracks are performed live, because a collection of musicians recreating all of these sounds and SOVE taking centre stage would be great to see.

SOVE is definitely a versatile artist and she has created a true listening experience with her debut EP. We’re already looking forward to the next release and we’re sure that you will be too.

Watch the music video for Secrets in the Dark and listen to the EP below. Be sure to keep up to date with SOVE online here.