Aymee Weir is a London based singer/songwriter with a classy electro-pop sound. We loved her recent single Weight and now she is back with more in the shape of a new EP that explores feelings of acceptance, determination and reflection – it’s called Hindsight.

Originally from Worcestershire, Aymee has spent the past three years honing her craft – from busking on the streets of the capital to finding her sound in home recording studios. Hindsight is the result of all of this and fits in extremely well with modern pop artists like Rae Morris, Gabrielle Aplin and Ellie Goulding.

Regardless is the opening track and it’s the perfect introduction to the EP. It’s made up of subtle piano chords, a wonderful guitar melody, layered vocals and effective electronic elements to give it a slight edge.

The title track Hindsight is more dramatic, with soothing ambient sounds leading the way. There’s a strong theme of strong, honest lyrics throughout this EP and this track is a fine example of that.

Weight continues that same dramatic sound but introduces a huge chorus. This is the first track that we heard from Aymee and it doesn’t disappoint. The line “take the weight off my shoulders” aligns perfectly with the production on this one as it gradually rises and falls.

Good Times is a track that takes the EP to its fastest tempo. It’s all about being young, wild and carefree – an uplifting ending that’s a catchy modern pop song at heart.

Hindsight is a highly impressive EP and Aymee Weir is a true independent pop artist with an original sound. Having already received praise from the likes of Radio 1’s Matt Edmondson, A&R Factory and Born Music for her previous single Weight, Aymee’s new EP is bound to do well.

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