What does Jana and her band The Lanterns sound like? Simply, like nothing you’ve ever heard before. Some of my favourite tracks and artists are the ones that do something different, that skew genres and find their own style. With her debut single ‘Birdhouse’ Jana does just that.

Jana melds acoustic Folk-Rock with anything from Pop, to Country and even a hint of Jazz with her piano melodies and it’s all noticeable in her new single. ‘Birdhouse’ takes multiple twists and turns in just four minutes. From the delightful finger-snapping, clapping opening to the grandiose piano playing there’s plenty to uncover. However, one constant remains throughout the track. That’s Jana’s wonderful and gentle vocals, her classic influences such as Joni Mitchell can be heard in her voice and the delightful piano interlude mid-track whilst her modern idols like Father John Misty are identifiable in her poetic lyrics.

‘Birdhouse’ constantly left me wondering which direction Jana would take next, surprising and impressing with each turn. With an EP set for release next year, I can’t wait to see what sort of wonderful creations she comes up with next. Jana’s music demands your attention and I suggest you give her it.

Watch the music video for ‘Birdhouse’ and be sure to follow Jana & The Lanterns online here.