It’s September 1998 and the Goo Goo Dolls have just released Dizzy Up The Girl. With tracks like Slide and the ever famous Iris featuring on the release, the album would soon become a global success and inspire musicians all over the world. Falling Like A Landslide is a brand single by Essex singer/songwriter Adam Duffill and it brings that 90s Goo Goo Dolls magic into 2018. Made up of rocked up guitars, huge drums and Duffill’s powerful vocals, Falling Like A Landslide is commercial rock at its finest. I’ve followed Adam Duffill for a number of years, long before I started Art Will Fall, but this track has never been released. It’s been a favourite for Duffill and this recording has definitely been worth the wait. Duffill tells us that he writes two kinds of songs – upbeat rock and ballads. Falling Like A Landslide is a contrast to his previous two releases, one – it’s not a ballad and two – it’s not a love song, despite often being taken as one. He reflects on the track below:

‘I suppose most people think it’s a song about two people, but to be honest that wasn’t really where my head was at when I was writing it.’

It was actually written around the end of my finals at university. It was a pretty challenging time, not only for the stresses of the exams themselves, but more to do with the realisation that I was going to have to decide what to do with my life.

‘The song to me is about the anxiety I was feeling about that transition – ‘I need some protection, sense of connection’ – those two lines in particular are about feeling a sense of fear and hoping that there were other people out there feeling the way I felt, which of course looking back now there definitely were. I think everyone feels that way when they finish childhood, get a job and become an adult with responsibilities. I think everyone wonders if they will be able to handle it.

Since writing this song though Adam Duffill has become a household name on the Essex music scene, performing at festivals and venues all over the county as well Roots Hall Stadium, home to Southend United.

It’s clear that Duffill is a fantastic songwriter, with more than enough energy to be a great live performer and these new recordings are a sentiment to all of his hard work over the years. Partnering with SS2 Recordings in Southend, Duffill’s latest releases have been brought to life in the best way possible and there’s plenty more to come.