Vic Allen is back with another new single, it’s called Keeping Me Up and the music video for it is our Video of the Week. Keeping Me Up will be highly recognisable if you have listened to Vic’s music before and if you haven’t, well now is a good time to take in her own blend of country-pop. Her bright acoustic sound and warming vocals lead the way throughout, making this single highly captivating. Vic has released a lot of music in the past 12 months, with this latest one being the follow up to the much loved Blinded. Recorded with GingerDog Records, the track is made up of plenty of wonderful instrumentation and has been produced to a very high standard.

Keeping Me Up is one of Vic’s finest releases to date and will feature on her upcoming debut album. In the meantime, watch the music video below and be sure to keep up to date with Vic Allen online here.