Owen Williams is a name that most are familiar with on the Southend music scene and he has just released two brand new singles. He is also part of our first Art Will Fall Presents event on the 12th January, joining Roisin O’Hagan and Calum Lintott.

Williams has a highly distinctive, eerie sound that packs plenty of emotion and his new singles ‘Symmetry’ and ‘There Will Be Blood’ are fine examples. He tends to focus on darker subjects when writing his lyrics and his strong voice never fails to tell the tale well. All of this is matched with production that is highly impressive and allows these songs to be portrayed in all of their glory.

Williams explains what ‘Symmetry’ is about below:

‘Symmetry’ is a song about feeling so in sync with someone that no matter what you do, you’re sure that you’ll remain a part of each other’s story. It’s a bit different to my other recordings in that we’ve experimented with sound a bit more, but I think it’s got real heart at its core.

In contrast to ‘Symmetry’, ‘There Will Be Blood’ offers more of an edgy sound. Williams explains more about what the track is about below:

‘There Will Be Blood’ is based on a weird dream I had about an empty well and a flood. I woke up with the words in my head and had written the song before I had breakfast! It’s a dark, bluesy tune and I deliberately kept it quite raw. I recorded it the day after going to Rize Festival and my voice was perfectly raspy and rough for the song.

Overall these two singles show both sides of Owen Williams and are a fantastic follow up to his album ‘Standing Still Will Kill You’. After being brought to life at SS2 Recordings in Southend, Williams continues to make his mark on the Southend music scene.

Williams launched the singles at The Fishermen’s Chapel in Leigh on December 1st, saying that he “wanted to mark the release of the singles and the chapel just seemed like the perfect fit.”

Owen Williams will be performing as part of our very first Art Will Fall Presents gig at Peggy Sue’s on Saturday 12th January and we’re very excited. In the meantime, listen to ‘Symmetry’ below and be sure to keep up to date with his music online here.