BaVard are back with a brand new single, it’s always exciting to see what they do next. Their latest effort is a pop-rock infused track called Upside Down and there’s plenty to like about it.

Upside Down is the follow up to their previous single Hometown and it’s strong a return to an upbeat sound that we know so well. BaVard have an ability to write catchy choruses seemingly and this new track is a fine example of this. It’s impressive, warm and will be ingrained into your mind right after the first listen.

I think the highlight for me with Upside Down has to be the break in the middle, where all of the instruments drop out to leave lead singer Toby Jordan and the drums out on their own. The full band crash back in for maximum effect and the song comes to a close. Some might say it’s predictable, but who doesn’t like an upbeat pop-rock track?

BaVard are both still very young, they’re only in their mid-teens, but Upside Down does represent a slightly more mature sound. The guys dive in and tell us what their new single is about:

“The song is about breaking up with a girl and she wants you to change who you are but you realise it isn’t good for you.”

Recorded at SS2 Recordings with Rees Broomfield, Upside Down is a highly likeable track with a fantastic production. Whilst it doesn’t hit me in the same way as previous singles like Young and Restless, it does show a continuation of their well crafted songwriting and it’s definitely another step forward.

Bound for praise and attention from the likes of BBC Introducing, Upside Down is the next chapter for BaVard and we can already tell that it’s going to be a good one.

Listen to Upside Down below and be sure to follow the guys online here.