On Saturday 12th January we took Art Will Fall to Peggy Sue’s in Leigh-on-Sea for our very first live music event.
Headliner, Calum Lintott had travelled up from Southampton with his band for the event and we couldn’t wait to finally catch him live. First up though were two well loved Essex artists, Roisin O’Hagan and Owen Williams.
Owen Williams opened the show with Louisa Strachan on backing vocals. Playing tracks from his latest album as well as his two brand new singles, ‘Symmetry’ and ‘There Will Be Blood’. The duo performed a fantastic set that instantly enriched the busy Leigh-on-Sea audience and opened the night with quality.
We’re big fans of Owen Williams and his band, check out our review of his latest singles here and be sure to follow him online here.
Next up, rising singer/songwriter Roisin O’Hagan. We work continuously with Roisin on her music, producing and releasing her two latest singles as well as much more.
Her set at Peggy Sue’s was outstanding. Flowing from song to song, including singles ‘Drive’ and ‘Miss You Like June’, her blend of country-pop echoed through the walls of the intimate Leigh-on-Sea venue perfectly.
Roisin is much more than just a country-pop artist though and her track ‘Dangerous Song’ is a prime example of this. It’s quite edgy for an acoustic song and you can easily imagine it being a rocked up track in a recording. The other song which Roisin is becoming increasingly well known for is ‘Living in the Dark’, the track that saw her through to the Fender Undiscovered Final last year. It’s a stunning song that people often mention is their favourite – and that’s just in a live performance because it hasn’t even been recorded and released.
There’s lots to come from Roisin this year and we can’t wait to be there for the ride. Follow her online here.
This brought us to the finale of the first Art Will Fall Presents live show. Calum Lintott and his band took to the floor and blasted out their own brand of indie-pop rock for 45 minutes.
Calum is an artist that we have followed and supported for quite some time here at Art Will Fall and if you think his singles are good on Spotify, just wait until you hear them live.
Performing tracks such as ‘Wonderland’, ‘Pin Up’ and his love song to his hometown of Southampton, Calum and his band took Peggy Sue’s by storm. Performing covers of ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ and ‘Proud Mary’ (which featured a moment to remember), the guys had the audience in the palm of their hands.
It was an amazing night and we highly appreciate Calum and his band coming all the way up from Southampton to perform. Be sure to follow Calum Lintott online here.

Listen to all of the acts below on our Art Will Fall Presents playlist and please do check out our photos of the night as well.