Inspired by the 1987 Stephen King novel of the same title, ‘Misery’ see’s Kent trio Glass Peaks pour in their own dose of paranoia and obsession into their heavily inspired rock track that manages to encapsulate King’s vision whilst making a single which is completely their own.

Lead singer Alfie Jeffries snarls through the opening verses as the tracks instrumental gradually builds, growing throughout before erupting into pandemonium with a highly charged, emphatic guitar solo finish that rips through you.  

Jeffries is a natural storyteller your ears are drawn to his words for the tracks enticing opening moments. The true standout however is the tracks crescendo, it really does elevate the song into a full-on rock anthem reminiscent to early Royal Blood material. Born to be played live, with ‘Misery’ Glass Peaks have set an exciting standard for the rest of their EP.