We instantly become excited everytime The Trusted release a new single. The Southend rockers are back with another edgy release and it’s called ‘Vicious’.

The Essex four-piece continually have a way of releasing great commercial rock songs and their latest is no exception. Packed with overdriven guitars, rumbling bass notes and plenty of swagger, ‘Vicious’ is a fiery number that hits the ground running.

The new single is written about a love-hate relationship, but don’t expect a typical love story. Instead The Trusted channel a toxic, addictive and dysfunctional relationship. As with every release by the band, Cunningham’s vocals couldn’t be a better fit and continue to lead the way in this one.

Tom Cunningham expresses his thoughts on the new single below:

“We’re inspired by music from all over the place,” he explains.“So, as with most of our songs, ‘Vicious’ takes musical inspiration from everywhere and nowhere in particular. Over the last year we’ve worked really hard on evolving our sound. It’s kind of grown into itself it that makes sense. It’s evolved and grown organically into a good fit for us as a band.”

2018 was a great year for the band – they released some fantastic music and toured Italy courtesy of the Brexhip team. ‘Vicious’ is a strong start to the year and a promising follow up to their previous single ‘Cigarettes and Chandeliers’.

The Trusted are constantly playing live all around the UK and have already established a strong presence in London. With a debut EP set for release next month, 2019 is already looking even brighter than last year.

Listen to ‘Vicious’ below and be sure to follow the band online here.