Introducing Good Cop Bad Cap, the brand new project from Joe Carnall of Milburn and the one and only Matt Helders of Arctic Monkeys.

Their debut single ‘Silk and Leather’ is the result of Carnall’s work brought to life by Helders’ first dive into music production. The result is a gripping, electronic-infused recording with a vintage feel.

Driven by mysterious synth melodies and experimental sounds, ‘Silk and Leather’ offers a relatively intense experience. The music video takes this even further as we see Matt Helders interrogated. All of this matched with Carnall’s smooth vocals make the final product incredibly impressive.

Good Cop Bad Cop was born in Sheffield via the Atlantic, as Helders now resides in California. ‘Silk and Leather’ is the first of what we hope to be many releases to come from this exciting new project.

It goes without saying that these guys are successful musicians in their own right (we won’t state the obvious). It’s great to see them diving into other avenues and we’re big fans of what they have done here. Hopefully the next release won’t be too far around the bend.

Be sure to watch the music video and you can follow Good Cop Bad Cop online here.