Southend-on-Sea has always had some great music venues and The Railway Hotel is no exception.

As with a lot of the UK, local music venues are falling into decline. It’s incredibly heartbreaking that this is the case but with the way things are, a lot of them simply can’t afford to keep their doors open.

Southend’s Railway Hotel was almost sold on last year to new owners but Dave and Fi have managed to hold on. Challenges do lay ahead though and they are asking for the cultural community to help. There are some significant bills to pay at the well loved music pub and venue that simply cannot be funded.

The good news is that well over 300 people have already raised over £10,000. That was the goal that was set and it has been met in less than two weeks. This really shows the love for this place and is a fine example of what people can do when they work together. It’s an amazing achievement.

To make sure the venue is cherished for years to come, it surely makes sense to keep on donating – so please do give whatever you can. For the sake of live music, we need need places like this more than ever.

Rock legend Wilko Johnson is well known at The Railway Hotel and has spoken out about how much the venue means to him. Find out more about that here.

On a personal note, I haven’t been to The Railway nearly as much as I should have been. I’m sure there are lots of people around Southend who feel the same way, so this is our chance to do so now.

From an Art Will Fall perspective, we are still a new voice on the Essex music scene and would love to start getting involved with venues like this.

If you would like to keep the funds going, please do make a donation here.