When I reviewed Jana’s first single ‘Birdhouse’ I described it as “Simply, like nothing you’ve ever heard before” and on her new single ‘Gift’ Jana once again subverts expectations with a darker, more progressive sound than before.

Where ‘Birdhouse’ was full of life and fluttered joyously along like a butterfly in spring, ‘Gift’ is a dark winter night. The track slowly builds not just through instrumentals but also in how Jana layers her vocals, harmonising with herself during an epic crescendo which is reminiscent of how The Staves create such beautiful soaring moments in their singles.

For Jana it showcases just another facet to her music, I was genuinely surprised to see where she would go following ‘Birdhouse’ and once again I’m both impressed and intrigued. One things for certain we’re in store for an exciting EP from Jana & The Lanterns.

Listen to ‘Gift’ below and be sure to follow Jana & The Lanterns online here.