J Hustl3 is the eagerly awaited solo project from the immensely talented Joe White.

Perhaps best known for being a member of Southend indie band Youth Club, Joe is also heavily involved in other areas of music. He has worked with some fantastic artists and has partnered with THOMA for his first solo single entitled ‘Mistakes’.

We caught up with Joe to find out more about his exciting new project. ‘Mistakes’ is out on Friday 15th March and will be available to stream here.

How excited are you to be launching your new solo project, J Hustl3?  

I’m so excited, yet so nervous, i have always been in bands, with a team of people to make decisions together, but it’s also wicked to have full control over the productions and get to work with vocalists i would never normally get to work with, and experiment with genres that people might not know i love, and produce. So it’s just a fresh look on the music i have been working on for the last year & wanted to show people.

Why does now feel like the right time to start the project and what can we expect from you this year?

I have been touring with my band Youth Club for 4 years now, and we have had a bit more free time recently which has given me time to finish off lots of stuff i had been working on separately from the band. Now i have enough of the tracks finished & ready to release i thought it makes perfect sense to start putting the tracks out and see what people think of them.

People can expect a mix of Pop, Dance, Funky, RnB, Hip-Hoppy typed driven synth tracks i guess, with a little twist here and there. This first record i intend to drop this year will feature a lot of my friends that i work with, have toured with, or really love, i have 4 singles, lined up with music video’s etc. So that is whats coming your way, starting with this first single ‘Mistakes’ with my good friend THOMA.

We have to throw a Youth Club question in here – what have you got planned for the next 12 months as a band?

We only have two shows this year, London on June 19th & Southend on 2nd August, we have some time off, hopefully getting in the studio as soon as possible, we just toured a lot last year, again it’s been perfect timing for me to get going with J Hustl3. But i am working on a track for my album with Gerarrd if that helps and honestly it’s a banger. Gerarrd is so versatile, so think we have something special for you.

Important: dogs are cats?

Hmmmm if i had to choose cats, but dogs are also lovely. We don’t deserve animals really.

We’re both based around Southend, what do you like most about the seaside town and what do you think needs to be improved?

The town in general is suffering which means clubs, and venues are suffering, which is a shame because what i like most about Southend is that we have so many amazing artists, and it’s a shame they don’t have the biggest platforms to play to around here.

If you could work with one current artist in the studio or on stage, who would it be?

I really want to work with Anderson .Paak i just love the way he composes himself as an artist, musician and producer, i think we would make something ridiculous if we got in the studio, well i would probably set a kit and just watch him play for hours, guys got chopps, but yeah one of my favorite vocalists & rappers at the moment, feel his music will be timeless & people should usually hate him as he just does it all, but feel he is so well respected in the scene.

You’re a DJ, a guitarist and you produce various styles of music in your studio – what inspires you to do all of this?

So i think because i digest music so regulary from so many kinds of spaces where music is made & played i hear things that one genre is doing, or how an artist might flip a style, or how a producer might produce a certain track and i channel that into my music, i’m always learning and listening and taking influence, i don’t think you are ever too old, or too late in the game to learn or be inspired, even some of the most young artists are so inspiring to me, Billie Ellish for example is a young singer who is doing the game differently, and her brother who produces her tracks are just next level, ‘Bury a friend’ is just a taste of how inspiring an artist can be in terms of doing it different.

Be sure to follow J Hustl3 online here.