Jerry Williams new ‘Gameshow’ EP feels more like a collection of stories told by a close friend than just an assortment of songs. Williams has a great knack at forging an emotional connection with the listener whether it be sadness, joy or love. All the while her confident and powerful personality shines through.

The four track EP opens with its title track, ‘Gameshow’ is an emotionally stirring, mournful ballad that reflects on the passing of a close friend, Williams perfectly captures all her raw and honest emotion and pours it into the stripped back track, her vocals slightly distorted as if you’re hearing a message from the other side itself.

‘David At The Bar’ showcases Williams ability to tell a story perfectly, the song told through the perspective of an alcoholic and expecting father David, it’s really impressive how much narrative and personality Williams gives each track in usually just 150 seconds. Not to mention how she’s effortlessly able to transition from a wistful acoustic troubadour to rockstar, with the song gradually building to an emphatic and triumphant crescendo.

Williams doesn’t fit into any genre mould, ‘Left And Right’ mixes pop, rock and even country in ways I didn’t expect with high pitched woo’s mixed with rockstar riffs and a growl. If you’re being commercial think Ariana Grande meets Jade Bird, but I hate to make comparisons because Williams truly is unique.

The EP ends on a joyous upbeat finale with final track ‘Grab Life’, a motivating anthem to get up and you guessed it grab life whilst you’ve got it. Never before have you heard the words “Soon enough man, you’ll be dead” sung so positively and pleasant. We’re introduced to multiple characters on a fast paced, whimsical journey through a neighbourhood full of stories. It’s uplifting, energetic and simply joyous.

The only complaint I can make is that each songs leaves me wanting to hear more of Williams and her tales and I mean, can you even consider that a negative when an artist just leaves you wanting to hear more and more of their material

Listen to ‘Gameshow’ below and be sure to follow Jerry Williams online here.