Battling isolation and turmoil from a recent separation, Tom The Lion had taken an extended break from music. Five years since his last album ‘Sleep’ however he’s returned with a new LP ‘Round Trip’, inspired by his soul searching trips through his home city of London.

Lead single ‘Tanks’ is the perfect introduction to Tom’s new record. The singer/songwriter has the fantastic ability to create an emotional connection to the listener with his honest lyrics. You can truly feel his inner angst and conflict within the words and himself. Don’t be fooled however, these introspective and thoughtful words certainly don’t lack a punch, they glide along an atmospheric bluesy melody reminiscent of The Black Keys that keeps you hooked to the song.
The songs hazy aesthetic also seeps into its accompanying video, a transfixing switch between a pair of toe-tapping shoes which sweep through London town, interpolated with Tom’s anguished looks to the camera. Tom The Lion has the same poetic darkness which struck a chord with listeners when they first heard Hozier. ‘Tanks’ is a compelling listen and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the record fleshes out his vision of London.

Watch the video above and be sure to follow Tom The Lion online here.