S J Denney is an artist that I have known personally for years. His well crafted songs take inspiration from all areas of pop, rock and beyond. He is a true musician with a story to tell each time.

The latest release entitled ‘Here I Am’ shows a new side to Denney and is driven more by acoustic instruments. His last release, a full album, was full of electric guitars and loud drums, which is hardly surprising when you consider his influences such as Noel Gallagher, Oasis and The Beatles. More recently, the Essex musician has been influenced by artists such as Paul Weller and his latest album ‘True Meanings’ and the finished results are impressive.

‘Here I Am’ is full of wonderful cello lines, warming guitars and a glorious trumpet solo. Everything comes together extremely well, even though you wouldn’t think so on paper. Denney has a songwriter’s voice, it’s not hugely powerful but it fits the music perfectly – much like a lot of his influences.

Denney tells us what ‘Here I Am’ is about and how he wrote it below:

It’s very much a love song with a twist. Like a darker way of expressing your feelings for someone. I’ve always loved this approach to songwriting. One of the best examples is ‘Every Breath You Take’ by The Police. So many people think it’s a simple love song. But when you listen to the lyrics, you realise it’s about stalking somebody

Both the verse and chorus are two chord tricks, which I’ve always been a big fan of.  I guess that makes the song a four chord trick overall… Once the song was finished, I arranged the string section whilst in the shower, which seems to be one of my favourite thinking places.

Produced to a high standard by The Animal Farm, there is a lot to like about this new single. It’s a style that Denney himself has called Folk-Plus, but we think it still ties in well with his previous releases.  With an exciting and ambitious year ahead for his music, S J Denney has a lot to give in 2019 and we look forward to hearing more.

We have been working with S J Denney on an exciting new project too and we can’t wait to show you. In the meantime, listen to ‘Here I Am’ below and be sure to follow him online here.