You have a new single out, your first for 2019, you must feel extremely excited?

Gosh, yes its out! This song itself has felt like quite an era so I am looking forward to see it setting sail on the wide seas.

The single is released with a music video and it goes hand in hand with your music. How was it all put together?

Well,  the video was a collaboration with a talented filmmaker and friend of mine,  Meg Lavender who was part of our community at the Brighton Art Uni.

We spent a lot of the week before filming dancing in my garden to the song in different speeds as we slowed it down and sped it up, wrestling in dewy grass, picking and eating apricots and wild strawberries.

It ended up being shot over the course of a sleepless 24 hours in the woods where, like a spell,  we were met with an out of the blue storm as the heavens opened!

Something changed in that storm, and we had to change the whole way we filmed it and I felt like my sisters and I truly became something else that night….

Following this release, your debut album is due out later this year. What can we expect from it and when will we be able to hear it?

It’s out early summer on Sharp Attack Records but what to expect!  The songs have had such a life of their own and I will be a proud parent to see them all grown up on the album.  

There’s songs about nights out, songs about horses, songs about love, it feels incredibly personal to me, while some of these stories touch on a tale as old as time.

You’re based in London, what do you love most about the city and do you have a favourite venue?

London has my heart in so many ways. People say that cities can be unfriendly places but I don’t believe it – I talk to most people I meet there are so many different stories to soak up.

London has a lot faces but one of my favourite places to be is cycling through the city streets, morning and night. That’s also where a lot of songs come to me.

Favourite venue, it’s tough to say; there is a lot (though we have to protect them from the high rises!) I’ve played recently in Servants Jazz Quarters, Sebright Arms and Omeara which are great spaces.

You’re becoming increasingly well known on the London scene for your original performances and style, who is the biggest inspiration behind what you do?

Really, my family. Family parties, would generally wind up with a guitars and eklectic  instruments with jars of beans for shakers while growing up going to my inspirational Mother Sophie’s gigs, & Uncle Pedro used to drum with Jagger and Bowie (also a hero of mine) – so we play them on the dance floor: there’s music everywhere!

The piano is particularly special to me as my sisters & I all play it together (normally with one of us falling off the piano stool)

I remember the moment truly falling in love the with piano, I was 8 and my grandmother was playing.  My mother then adopted a charming, ol’ honky tonk, piano which we learnt, at first, together from library books.

Moving away from London, what would be your ultimate gig – where would it take place and who would you share the stage with?

I like unusual performance spaces a lot too. Big churches, castles, candle lit stages…

I could certainly imagine cooking up a storm in a collaborative performance with Kate Bush to perform in the wilderness somewhere.

On the subject of gigs, where can we catch you live in the next couple of months? We really need to get down to one of them!

I have got some exciting events coming up including a gig in Brighton at The Brunswick on the 20th of April… More in the pipeline so stay tuned on all the telepathic and technological mediums!

Also my album launch is at the beginning of summer and I will most definitely will be having a party so you must all come.

A huge thanks to Phoebe for doing this interview with us – be sure to follow her online here and listen/watch the video for her new single ‘Wild’.