‘On My Own’, the second EP from Isobel Thatcher is a delightful, smokey follow-up to her debut ‘Keeping On’ released back in 2013. Opening track ‘More Than Words’ is a bright start to the collection, Thatcher’s light vocals fill your ears with joy and an unexpected saxophone solo towards its conclusion is wondrous.

‘Carry You’ is a jazz infused love song, Thatcher’s lyrics are pure and honest, painting an endearing picture of her relationship and the couples “path to love”. ‘Crazy Girl’ is considerably more up-tempo, easy to singalong to and quick to get stuck in your head, its an anthemic pop song with a blues rock instrumental, a daring combination that works wonders. Like the songs before it, there’s a slight but noticeable change towards the end of the song, similar to a bridge which brings the song to its conclusion and I thinks it a genius idea which wraps up each song neatly.

The EP’s final track is ‘Sacrifice’, a ballad that stretches for nearly six minutes. When it comes to a long track I feel a song needs an identity and enough memorable moments to keep your attention, thankfully Thatchers has managed all of this and much more. It’s an impassioned song that blends together so effortlessly, switching from emotive harmonies and powerful chorus sections seamlessly.

‘On My Own’ is simply a fantastic four track EP that demands your attention. Thatcher places her heart on her sleeve with tracks that highlight not just the joys of love but also the lows and you’d be doing it a disservice by not taking a listen.

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