We kicked off May with a fantastic night of live music courtesy of Belles and Gals. Devon Mayson, Roisin O’Hagan and Abby Inez took to the stage at The Slaughtered Lamb in London for their latest showcase.

Abby Inez was the first act of the night, an artist we were not previously familiar with. With a wonderful voice and strong songs, Inez performed a varied set playing both electric and acoustic guitars. Perhaps the highlight was her final song, where she introduced Liv Austen and producer Jon Wright, to the stage to perform her upcoming single ‘Bridges’ – which she announced for the first time on the night.

Inez is a singer/songwriter with a modern pop edge. She brought plenty of life to the London venue and is definitely an artist we look forward to seeing again.

Follow Abby Inez online here.

If you regularly follow us online, then you’ll be very familiar with Roisin O’Hagan. A rising singer/songwriter who has had an incredibly successful 12 months.

She performed a set of her very well crafted original songs, including a brand new track ‘Undone’ and her recent single ‘Miss You Like June’, which we recorded with her last year. O’Hagan consistently has a perfect balance of upbeat and heartfelt moments in her set. Mixing all of that with her empowering voice, there’s no wonder that she’s starting to draw people in from far and wide.

With new music in the pipeline, Roisin O’Hagan is well and truly one to watch (and we’re not just saying that either.)

Follow Roisin O’Hagan online here and be sure to listen to her on Spotify here.

Devon Mayson was the final act for the night, an artist that Belles and Gals have been keen to have headline for a while.

Accompanied by a fiddle player, Mayson’s set was full of joy as she performed impressive original songs and powerful covers such as Shakira’s ‘Whenever, Wherever’. She’s an artist of many talents, as well as her incredible voice, she played guitar, harp and fiddle during her set.

Mayson’s set was predominantly upbeat but there were heartfelt moments such as a song dedicated to her Grandma. She also expressed  her love for Game of Thrones, where the duo performed a classy instrumental to back this up.

Devon Mayson is an artist who constantly performs live, so be sure to get down to one of her shows soon – you will be blown away.

Follow Devon Mayson online here and listen to her on Spotify here.

Belles and Gals have a strong voice on the UK country music scene and their aim is to ensure that female artists get the credit they deserve. They run a growing music blog and host brilliant nights of live music. Be sure to keep up to date with them here.