The Black Keys are back. The Akron blues-rock duo are a favourite of mine. From early tracks such as ‘Just Couldn’t Tie Me Down’ to hits such as ‘Lonely Boy’, I can’t say there’s a song or an album that I don’t like.

Their new album ‘Let’s Rock’ is out on Friday 28th June and the latest singles that have been released are rocked up perfection full of classic tones. They present a strong move back to guitar focused music. Not that their last album ‘Turn Blue’ wasn’t brilliant, it’s just that these new singles are more reminiscent of the Keys early releases.

I can’t wait for the full album to be released, it’s likely to be one of my favourites of 2019.

Listen to ‘Lo/Hi’ and watch the video for the equally great single ‘Go’ below:


Bear’s Den release wonderful music and their third album entitled ‘So That You Might Hear Me’ is definitely up there with their previous two.

I have been an avid follower of the band since their early singles and EPs, after their debut album I was hooked.

There are a number of stand out tracks but the first that comes to me is the first on the album and it’s called ‘Hiding Bottles’. It sets the tone for the album perfectly and represents a great follow up to the sound of ‘Red Earth And Pouring Rain’, one of the finest records to be released in 2016 (in my opinion).

Listen to ‘Hiding Bottles’ below.


Jade Bird is an indie-folk singer/songwriter with a rock edge. When I first heard this track, I couldn’t turn it off. It’s full of energy and Bird’s voice is simply sensational.

Since then, she has released her self-titled debut album and it’s impressive, though for me the lead single ‘Uh Huh’ is still the highlight.

Jade Bird has grown from height to height recently and it’s fantastic to see new artists breaking through like this.

Watch the video for ‘Uh Huh’ below:


Greg Holden is an artist that I have followed for years and I always eagerly wait for the next release. His latest album ‘World War Me’ has been a while in the making but it doesn’t disappoint.

Lead singles ‘On The Run’ (featuring Butch Walker) and ‘The Power Shift’ were outstanding. For me, the highlight from the album has to be ‘What I Deserve’. It’s a track that is drenched in reverb, with U2-esque guitars and a deep underlying message, much like most of Holden’s songs. A must listen track from a must listen album by a must listen artist.

Greg Holden is currently touring Europe and the UK, he’s actually live at London’s St Pancras Old Church tomorrow night (23/05/2019).

Check out his latest album and listen to ‘What I Deserve below’:


The final track comes from a band that I first came across supporting Deaf Havana back in 2012. The Dangerous Summer are an incredible rock band that write deep, meaningful songs. Their next album ‘Mother Nature’ is set for release on Friday 14th June.

The first single to be released was ‘Where Were You When The Sky Opened Up’ and it has their distinctive alternative-rock sound written all over it. More recently, two other singles have been released in the build up to the album that are equally as impressive. One thing is for sure, their next record is going to be full of roaring songs that will blow you away.

The Dangerous Summer are also touring the UK in July, so if you’re a fan of their music, get down to one of their shows.

Watch the video for ‘Where Were You When The Sky Opened Up’ below: