Emily Faye is becoming a well established name on the UK country music scene. The Northampton based singer/songwriter recently released ‘Sucks To Be You’, a track that went down a storm. She has just released the follow up and if anything, it’s even better.

 ‘Little Bit Of You’ is a track that shows off Faye’s wonderful voice and classy songwriting. It’s a single that is based on a long distance relationship and how you can find that you’re both leading different lives but stay positive holding onto all of the things you love about each other. She’s joined by Jake Morrell on vocals, another upcoming singer/songwriter. This is Faye’s second single of 2019 already and there’s definitely a new theme going on with her style of country/pop.

The new single is commercial with plenty of Nashville twang. It’s a real feel-good, wind your windows down type of song. There’s bright acoustic tones, banjos, deep bass lines, shimmering slide guitars and plenty of mid-tempo percussion that fits perfectly. Of course, it’s led by the sparkling vocals from Faye and distinctive voice of Morrell, but the production and instrumentation is fantastic.

‘Little Bit Of You’ was produced by Sue McMillan, a name we are becoming very familiar with. Written by Faye, McMillan and Morrell, it’s very much a track of collaboration. Emily Faye tells us more about her new single below:

“’Little Bit Of You’ was so much fun to write and record. Jake and I were in a writing session last year and connected on something we both have in common, which is that we are both in long distance relationships. Bringing the song to Sue as potential for the next chapter of music, and re working it with her perspective and ideas added in too was just awesome. Jake is a brilliant artist and it is an absolute honour to have him featured on this song and as a part of my next chapter, huge thanks to him!”

We’re big fans of ‘Little Bit Of You’ and we can’t wait to hear the next single from Emily Faye. Her songs seem to be getting better and better which is incredible. She has plenty of plans this year so be sure to follow her online here and listen to the brand new single below: