Essex singer/songwriter S J Denney has had a fantastic start to 2019. Following the release of ‘Here I Am’, his first single of the year, he has just unveiled the follow up and it’s called ‘All The Signs Were There’.

S J Denney has plenty of variation in his songwriting and his new single is quite a contrast to ‘Here I Am’. It’s upbeat with a feel good rhythm and a great chorus. The attention to detail in the recording really shows, with bright trumpet parts, vocal effects and a classic sounding guitar lick in the chorus. Rising singer/songwriter Roisin O’Hagan also features on the recording, singing harmonies throughout.

Denney explains in more detail how his new single came about below:

“I was exchanging emails with one of my best friends and he replied to me with the line ‘All the signs were there’. As soon as I read it, I knew it had to be a song title.

It’s about someone who spends their life chasing their own mistakes, rather than learning lessons from the last time things went wrong. Some people find comfort in being unhappy. I know this because I used to be one of those people.”

‘All The Signs Were There’ is a fantastic follow up to ‘Here I Am’ and leaves us wanting more. S J Denney does have more new music in the pipeline and we also have some exciting things to share with you soon as well.

In the meantime, listen to ‘All The Signs Were There’ below and be sure to follow S J Denney online here.