Harry and the Chicks is an up and coming artist from London. Following the release of her debut single ‘Accessory’, she has just unveiled a brand new track entitled ‘Time’.

Sponsored by the Undiscovered Live Music Project, ‘Time’ is released with a music video that features the full band live on stage and footage from Harry’s childhood. You can watch the video above.

‘Time’ is a strong follow up to ‘Accessory’, taking more of a dramatic approach instead of a straight up pop-rock track. Harry and the Chicks is influenced by a huge variety of artists, including MARINA and various well known rock bands. Mixing all of this together in the studio creates quite an individual sound that you can’t help but get drawn into.

The new single starts with delicate acoustic guitars and atmospheric vocals before building into more of a dramatic pop-rock track. Loud drums, distorted guitars and plenty of harmonies fulfil the song in the second half to make it highly impressive.

Written by Harry when she was 16, she explores her existentialist thought process about our time on the planet, expressing her fear of aging and the future.

Harry and the Chicks is an exciting artist with plenty to come and we look forward to hearing more from her. Listen to ‘Time’ below and be sure to follow Harry and the Chicks online here.