London singer/songwriter Aymee Weir is back with a brand new single entitled ‘Feel It Too’ and it’s the perfect follow up to last year’s EP ‘Hindsight’.

Weir mixes her delicate acoustic and piano style with modern electro-pop elements to create truly wonderful recordings. Inspired by the likes of Lorde and Oh Wonder, ‘Feel It Too’ is a wonderful blend of atmospheric textures with a commercial edge.

Written with Kaity Rae, ‘Feel It Too’ came to life at the piano before being fused together during production. It highlights Weir’s love for busking with the simplistic stripped back instruments as well as her love for modern pop music.

Aymee Weir tells us a little more about the track below:

“‘Feel It Too’ is about having feelings for someone but not being able to do anything about it, so the lyrics are quite frustrated yet uplifting.”

We were huge fans of ‘Hindsight’ and ‘Feel It Too’ is just as impressive. Aymee Weir is playing live at The Finsbury in London on Tuesday 2nd July if you want to hear the new single in action. In the meantime, be sure to follow her online here and listen to the new single below.