Hugo Valentine is a pop singer/songwriter who writes incredibly uplifting music. His latest single ‘Live Another Day’ is no exception and will draw you in with ease. 

Based in London, Valentine has been making his mark on the scene for a while now and his previous single ‘All I Want’ was outstanding. His new single is a great follow up.

‘Live Another Day’ is full of variation and builds from start to finish. Kicking things off are Valentine’s soothing vocals accompanied by a piano. You simply don’t expect the chorus to come crashing in how it does, but it fits perfectly. Punchy drums and distorted guitars become the backdrop as the single turns into a pop-rock anthem. 

Valentine explores the idea of desperation with a glimmer of hope in his new single, he tells us more below:

“‘Live Another Day’ is an appeal to a sufferer of drug addiction. It is a message of hope and inspiration, but also of understanding of the pain and fear that comes with addiction.”

Overall, ‘Live Another Day’ is an incredibly uplifting track with the production to go with it. Be sure to follow Hugo Valentine online here and listen to his new single below.