Cool Thing Records artist Beckie Margaret was definitely a highlight of Village Green for us. We’ve always been aware of her music but have never managed to catch her live, it’s definitely been our loss that’s for sure.

Taking to the main stage, Beckie Margaret and her band blew us away. It was a wonderfully atmospheric set, complete with impressive choruses and her incredible lead vocals. It was a performance that was extremely distinctive and stood out from the rocked up bands. 

If I had to label the genre, I would say alt-pop with a rock edge. It’s something that has been becoming increasingly popular over recent years and Beckie Margaret is definitely an artist that could go very far. It was a highly memorable experience and even though most tracks were at a mid tempo, there was plenty of energy up on stage and in the crowd.

If you haven’t listened to Beckie Margaret, then we strongly recommend that you do. Even more than that, be sure to watch her live if you get the chance. 

You can follow Beckie Margaret online here and listen to her latest release below.

We would also like to say a huge thanks to Olly Clements for the incredible photos. Be sure to follow him on Instagram here.