Southend’s feelgood indie band provided the sound of summer on the Idea13 Stage. Their light blend of rocky guitars, joyful tracks and effortlessly fun performance brought a smile to everyone’s faces. 

Rooskin are of course not just for summer, but their shimmery sound fits perfectly for the festival season. Kicking off with their much loved single ‘Sunseeker’, the band started in full swing. Joined on stage by a bass player and keyboard player, Rooskin (who are usually only a three-piece), had a huge backdrop to their bright sound.

They played a variation of new songs and previous singles including ‘Goldfish’ as well as their latest release ‘Everything (Feels Better With You)’. Rooskin are all about fun, they’re performances are growing with quality and they just keep getting better and better. 

With new music in the pipeline, you won’t have to wait very long for the next shiny Rooskin song. Until then, be sure to listen to their latest single below and follow them online here.

We would also like to say a huge thanks to Olly Clements for the incredible photos. Be sure to follow him on Instagram here.