Bringing Village Green to a close were none other than Busted. Playing new songs and old, the famous trio thundered through their set for around an hour and it was outstanding. 

Busted were one of my favourite bands growing up and it’s great to see them back with plenty of energy. From old tracks like ‘That’s What I Go To School For’ and ‘The Year 3000’ to songs from their latest album including ‘Radio’ and ‘Shipwrecked in Atlantis’, every second was pure joy. In my eyes, Busted have always been a pop-rock band with the energy of a pop-punk band and their new songs in particular really showed that.

They spoke a lot about their love for the town, after all, they do have a strong Southend connection. They also just put a smile on people’s faces and in the moment, it was a perfect match. A summer’s evening met with the upbeat sound of Busted. It was a great way to end Village Green 2019.

Busted have recently released a brand new album called ‘Half Way There’. Their original come back album in 2016 showed a new sound to the band and as good as it was to see them back together, their latest album really shows a return to their classic sound of the early noughties.

Watch the video for ‘Radio’ below and be sure to keep up to date with all things Busted here.

We would also like to say a huge thanks to Olly Clements for the incredible photos. Be sure to follow him on Instagram here.