Essex singer/songwriter S J Denney has just unveiled a new single entitled ‘A Fond Farewell’. It’s his third release for 2019 and is a relaxed track that takes influence from the likes of Oasis and Nick Drake.

‘A Fond Farewell’ is an older track of Denney’s that has been revisited and released into the world. Based around a bright acoustic guitar, laid back percussion and a wonderful piano, the new single fits perfectly alongside his previous singles this year. 

As the track builds, warm harmonies and a trumpet are introduced. This opens up the instrumentation and gives the track a very distinctive sound. Denney set out to record stripped back songs with a folk-pop edge and he has definitely achieved just that.

S J Denney shares the story of the song below:

“At the back of my mind, I always knew that this song was never complete and that it deserved more of my time.

Lyrically, it’s a love song to my best friend. It was originally written just after I’d left my duo project with him. We had such a brilliant time performing together, but I was really busy with work and in a bad place emotionally.

Being so driven to put music out there, I had to change something. So I decided to make some songs by myself. 

This song was my way of telling him that, and letting him know he would always be my best friend.”

‘A Fond Farewell’ is a very personal track and one that Denney has added to since originally writing –  notably improving the structure of the track and creating a strong production behind it. 

S J Denney is having a great year for releasing music and this new single is a great way to keep the ball rolling. Be sure to listen to the new single below and follow him online here

We will also have some exciting new content coming your way soon for S J Denney, be sure to watch this space.